Our brands have been developed for different audiences, which gives them their unique characteristics. But there is one thing in common: each of them was created with love.
We believe that all elements of the care system should work as a whole and be accessible to absolutely everyone. The main principle of the brand is to use only functional high-performance components without unnecessary "stuffing" in the formulas, such as fragrances, dyes and marketing components.
ART&FACT. Aesthetic
ART&FACT. Aesthetic offers products formulated to be used both for professional skin treatments and as part of personalized at-home skincare regimen. We believe that maintaining a professional approach to caring for your skin is important both in the salon and at home.
ART&FACT. Wellness
We believe that all elements of the self-care system should work as a whole and be affordable, that is why we offer Wellness - a line of bioactive supplements to restore the body's vitamin deficiencies, maintain immunity, which directly affects the look and condition.
Verifique are powerful anti-age skin care products that address and slow down the natural aging process. Verifique products strive to relieve you of unnecessary worries and give you extra time in your busy schedule, which is better spent on impressions.
An intimate care brand designed to provide maximum comfort to you. A good care for your intimate areas is the first step towards self-discovery, new sensual and emotional experience, and a more intense level of pleasure.
Let’s Bloom
The power of natural ingredients to restore natural beauty. We believe that the path to natural beauty is through love of nature and naturalness. We choose only proven natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin, yet effective in combating skin imperfections and triggering regenerative processes to restore natural beauty.